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Come see us at the STEM Symposium at the San Diego Convention Center this Monday September 22 and Tuesday September 23. We will be at booth 405.


We will be showing a sneak-peek of the STEAM curriculum which we are currrently developing. Our focus is on writing art, reading and writing projects that expand on the current science, technoloigy, engineering and math projects used by STEM curriculum.

By exposing students to a variety of contexts for their work, we can create more interest and a higher retention of the subject matter!

What does the Rainforest Art Project do?



Herbert Ibarra Elementary School

City Heights, San Diego CA





Woodrow Wilson Middle School

City Heights, San Diego CA



The 3rd grade class at Ibarra Elemetary School in City Heights of San Diego worked with the Rainforest Art Project to create a large bass relief iguana. This was a very exciting project for the approximate one hundred students that participated. Not only did they learn about mosaic techniques, but they also learned about iguanas and their habitats.




Rainforest Art Project had the priviledge to work with the students of Woodrow Wilson Jr. High School in the neighborhood of City Heights of San Diego for a second time. This was a very special project because the students worked on a super-sized, fully sculpted mosaic tiger to become the school's ambassador. The mosaic was created using only natural polished stones which were donated to RAP specifically for this project.


In addition to the regular Rainforest Art Project curriculum, Ibarra Elementary students also participated on the very first Rainforest World Outreach Program with students from a small school in Haiti.

RAP is currently working on putting together a book showing the special project with hopes that it will grow over the years.


Please click on the links below to view the time lapse videos showing the creation of the Wilson Tiger.


Tiger Bench Part 1

TIger Bench Part 2

Tiger Bench Part 3



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